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What would we do without our Silver Smiths? Most of our Jewelry is handmade, and over the years we have created more than just a professional relationship with our excellent craftsmen.
We only use high quality Sterling Silver which is a mixture of 92,5% pure Silver with 7,5% copper. The result is an alloy that gives strength to this precious metal and is of course nickel free.
The golden ornaments are made of Sterling Silver plated with pure gold.
We are aware that we are working with materials that have been taken from Mother Earth and we recycle all our silver and packaging.


Like all things that matter I advise you to treat your jewelry with the care and affection it deserves. The natural process of Silver is that with time it will tarnish.
If your treasure is made of high polished or oxidised Silver it only needs to be rubbed with a soft cloth.
The pieces with sand brushed finishing or with pure silver plating maintain its brightness immersing the piece in a chemical bath that can be found in the big supermarkets. You can also use this homemade recipe:
Take a bowl, place an aluminium foil in the bottom and fill it with warm water, a tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of salt and detergent to wash dishes. Dip the piece in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes and clear it with clean water. Finally dry it with a soft cloth avoiding rubbing. Don´t use this recipe for oxidised silver jewelry.
The gold plated jewelry also needs special care. The gold plating will last much longer if you avoid contact with water, make-up or chemical cleaning products.
Please don´t spray perfume directly on you jewelry.